All Roads Lead to Gazgolder

All Roads Lead to Gazgolder is the visual journal of a 30,000km journey, two thirds of the way around the world. In 2016 old friends and strangers drove a tiny Fiat from London to Ulan Ude and back, through countries long forgotten in Australia. The finale, Gazgolder, found them 25,000km down the road from where they started. The journey crossed the physical borders of 24 sovereign states including many that are widely seen as dangerous. The borders and the landmass of these countries were crossed at a time in which freedom of movement is being challenged and fear and populist sentiment is informing nations across the world to close the ‘gate’. The globalised world-view, championed for two decades is ending abruptly in the face of the worsening migration crisis.


All Roads Lead to Gazgolder looks to the heart of journeys and invites the viewer to be nomadic and challenge the closure of borders as they cross countries and cultures, see people, places and frontiers that are not familiar. Borders can be physical, but also invisible with structural impediments to movement like lack of education, poverty and political oppression - all highly prevalent in the former Soviet states in which this project is based. My own mobility to cross borders stands in contrast to those photographed. The story depicts the merits of journeys: the people you meet, reflections you have and the romanticised unknown. It to looks . It is about being nomadic; questioning what this means in a world where our mobility is increasingly governed, controlled and even persecuted. Despite less mobility, the number of people displaced and needing to move only grows.