welcome to me

What makes us similar? What makes us unique? 

These two questions have been central to an ongoing exploration of the idiosyncrasies of humans: be it how we live, where we live or what we do. The answer is what makes us human.

Working under the moniker of Through the Glass Menagerie Australian photographer Ashton Papazahariakis seeks to humanise through his images by reminding us that despite our differences, we are all people.

To do so,  forget Contiki tours - instead get lost: lost in the idea of other people and places, in their cultures, their norms and perceptions of the outside world, explore backstreets and backcountry, eat in alleys and in the homes of strangers, sleep on rooftops, in deserts, on mountains and in jungles and generally be where you shouldn't, or wouldn't expect yourself to be. 

Come Journey.